Killer-Diller Pix of D13 Champs and LOCR, Check ‘Em Out On Dropbox


Massive thanks to Boo Carraway and Anne Streater for taking great pix at both the D13 Champs and the Lauderdale OCR AND for posting them to Dropbox.

Guaranteed there is a killer-diller pic of YOU somewhere in there. This gives you plenty of time for Mother’s Day, check out the pix, print it, frame it, put a bow on it, and give it to Mom. She might be so happy to get a pic of you that she buys you a new Laser!


Seriously, check ’em out to find a nifty pic of you. There’s about a billion pics there (can’t thank Boo and Anne enough) so take your time looking through them.

Here are the links to the Dropboxes…

District 13 Champs:

Lauderdale Olympic Classes Regatta:

Let’s get on the water!