50th Anniversary of the Laser/ILCA dinghy

Our favorite boat, and the world’s largest one-design racing class turns 50 this year.

To celebrate this remarkable run, the ILCA is launching a 50th Anniversary Celebration!

As part of the celebration, the ILCA has designated day for everyone get out on the water and sail their Laser, September 11th.  The goal is to have people all over the world get out on the water in their Laser on that day as a huge celebration of the class and its history.  A World-wide day of Laser sailing!
In addition, ILCA is launching a website (http://www.ilca50.com/) dedicated to helping groups facilitate planning and implementation, and for sailors to share stories and pictures of their own great moments and memories. Sailors will be able to register on the site and keep updated on all the world-wide ILCA 50th celebration news. And of course there will be 50th anniversary T-shirts!

The site is still getting up and running, so check it out and keep checking for updates.