Laser, Still The ALL Ages Boat! Male and Female!

USSCMCD13_171202_022 USSCMCD13_171202_031 USSCMCD13_171202_035 USSCMCD13_171202_041 USSCMCD13_171202_062 USSCMCD13_171202_104 USSCMCD13_171202_107 USSCMCD13_171202_149 USSCMCD13_171203_335 USSCMCD13_171203_410

Check a couple of these photos out of the 2017 Districts just held at the US Sailing Center in Jensen Beach.  One of the most important takeaways from these pictures are wide variety of ages successfully sailing and racing the Laser.  You, and I mean YOU, aren’t too old or too young to come sailing with us.

From about 9 to maybe even 90, let’s get on the water.

For more great pix (and maybe a pic of you), check out the google drop box link below.  Photos are from Mike Grant and/or Kasha Banks.  Thank you guys for taking the pictures!