2023 District 13 Championships Results!

The D13 Championship was held December 2-3 in Key Biscayne and hosted by the Key Biscayne Yacht Club. A record size fleet of 158 competitors included youth, open, and master sailors, with sailors from Canada, Jamacia, Netherlands, the US Virgin Islands, the Cayman Islands, and the Bahamas participating. We had an impressive ILCA 4 fleet with 62 sailors, a massive 63-boat ILCA 6 Fleet, and a talented ILCA 7 fleet of 18 boats. The D13 Championship has become the largest district championship with an international draw as it launches the winter racing season in Florida.

Key Biscayne is an excellent venue, and the Key Biscayne Yacht Club volunteers, led by Cristina Cruio, Claire Mueller, and Enrique Dillon, worked hard to provide top-rate hospitality and race management. Key Biscayne Yacht Club raised additional sponsorship for the growing D13 championship.

The race committee was able to run six races for all ILCA fleets over the two days. The large ILCA 4 and ILCA 6 fleets led to the use of the black flag due to fleet recalls on both Saturday and Sunday. The conditions were light on Saturday, which led to the abandonment of the final race of the day for the ILCA 4 and 6 fleets. The wind was light on Sunday morning but filled in by mid-day, allowing the race committee to complete six races for all fleets.

Full results are listed here – https://theclubspot.com/regatta/gvRLyf8iHE/results

The top 3 ILCA 7’s were:

Brayden Benesch – Coral Reef Yacht Club/ Coconut Grove Sailing Club

Connor Demming – College of Charleston Sailing

David Hiebert – USSCMC/FWBC

The Top 3 ILCA 6’s were:

Will Barnhart – Key Biscayne Yacht Club /Coral Reef Yacht Club/

Jonathon Schwartz – Key Biscayne Yacht Club

Jake Homberger – Key Biscayne Yacht Club

The top 3 ILCA 4’s were:

David Coates – Lauderdale Yacht Club

Miles Julien – Coconut Grove Sailing Club

Davide Bazzoni – Coconut Grove Sailing Club