2021 D13 Championship Results

The D13 Championship completed last weekend in Jacksonville, hosted by the wonderful crew at Florida Yacht Club. Although the race committee (all 26 volunteers!) did an excellent job, the wind did not cooperate and there was one race on Saturday and none on Sunday. While Sunday offered no chance for wind, Saturday did fill in with a light breeze of 4-5 knots. The course was quickly set up in fog that thankfully dissipated as the Lasers sailed out from the club. All 3 fleets got in one race on the trapezoid course, but the breeze faded as the race was ending.

In the full rigs Rob Hallawell took first followed closely by Forrest Wachholz. In the 4.7 rig it was Stephen Momeier taking first, and in the Radial Jack Redmond took the honors. The top woman finisher went to Monica Wilson. A total of 83 boats competed with 40 in the Radial fleet.

While there wasn’t much racing, there was time to socialize and catch up with old friends. Several people were in contact with friends at other events in Florida, and there didn’t seem to be wind anywhere in the state. Thankfully these kind of conditions do not happen often, so gear up as were into the time of year when strong wind should be the norm!

Full results can be found here: https://theclubspot.com/regatta/gICeSEq8Tj/results