Racing Results

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2017 Laser District 13 Champs…full results here:



2017 Laser Midwinters East…check out the results here:
Couple of D13 sailors on the podium for 4.7 and Radial!

2017 Laser Master Midwinters…results here:
D13 sailors all over the podium finishes! Ernesto Rodriguez, Dave Hiebert, Monica Wilson, Christina Persson, Buzzy Heausler, Dave Hartman, Dave Hillmyer, wow, whole lotta D13 folks going killer-diller fast!

2017 Laser Midweek Masters..results here:
Dave Hiebert keeps the week going by grabbing another podium finsih!

2017 Laser Florida Masters…results here:
Dave Hiebert starts off the Masters week with a podium 3rd!